Channel Rules

#preppers channel rules:

In any group, or organization, conflicts arise as a result of personality conflicts, differing opinions, and beliefs. It becomes necessary to create a set of rules to avoid these problems from escalating to the point that it can be harmful to the group as a whole. The preppers chat room is no different then any other group of people who attempt to accomplish a task, and has from time to time encountered the same problems as any group. These rules dictate the format that shall be used to resolve issues as they arrive, your continued use of the chat room is an acceptance of these rules.

Wolfe’s Den Rules of Conduct:

  1. Rizon Staff are a higher authority
    These rules of conduct do not supersede the official terms of use by Rizon, it service providers, IRC-Operators, or agreements and notices via the Message of the Day (/motd), further information can be found on the rizon website. (
  2. Be respectful of others at all times.
    The purpose of our chat channels is to provide a platform for the exchange of information, to help educate each other on preparedness, to network with like mind individuals, and to facilitate communications between each other. It is a social channel for preppers to meet, to share our problems, accomplishments, and to network. It is not a place to argue, for name calling, and debate. . Occasionally, there will be conflicts that arise when people voice opinions. Be courteous when disagreeing with others. It is possible to disagree without being insulting. Correct bad behavior in a private message, not in the public channel. Private messages can be done by opening a new tab in a chat client by using the command “/query personsnick” or by sending a private message directly by the command“/msg personsnick message here”.
  3. Be community-minded.
    Express yourself in ways that are constructive, and will help to foster the growth of the community. A free exchange of ideas is essential to building a strong sense of community and helpful in the development each individual prepper. Please keep channel purpose in mind, if a person has a topic they wish to discuss that is related to being a prepper, it takes precedence over other topics (Off-Topic) not related.
  4. Personal attacks are prohibited.
    Commonly known as “flaming,” personal attacks are statements which are designed to personally berate or insult another. The #preppers channel is the main chat channel for the American Preppers Network, and all associated networks. Each network is welcome to start their own channel, but please remember that issues that arise within those channels belong there, when in doubt the channel founder of that channel has the last say.
  5. Trolling is prohibited.
    “Trolling” is the phrase used to describe a remark which is deliberately designed for the purpose of angering and insulting the members of the community. Comments of this nature are disruptive and will not be tolerated.
  6. No sharing of personal information.
    We prohibit the exchange of personal information such as, real names, phone numbers and addresses in the channel for OPSEC reasons. If you wish to share this type of information, do so in private, at your own risk. Be aware this includes your HAM Radio FCC Callsign since these can be traced to your home address. You never know who is listening.
  7. Private Messages are Private
    Private messages sent by your, or received from others are not to be made public in these channel, or elsewhere. Any threat, or illegal activity should be reported to Rizon staff which is not associated in anyway with #preppers, or it’s affiliates.
  8. Mutings, kicks, warnings and bans are not to be discussed.
    Such matters shall remain private between Moderator and the user. Questions or comments concerning moderation methods will be conveyed through private messages only, and only with the parties involved.
  9. Immediate banning from a channel may result from any of the following:
    discussions regarding pornography or inappropriately gruesome and/or hideous subjects; discriminatory remarks which are sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive; excessive obscene or vulgar language; the discussion of illegal activity; or providing links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned.(This includes nicknames, and custom host masks!) We do allow linking to any prepper related content including personal blogs, and businesses websites.
  10. Impersonating another channel patron, volunteer or Moderator is strictly prohibited
    Pretending to be someone else will result in an immediate ban, no exceptions!
  11. “Newbie” bashing will not be tolerated.
    New preppers are encouraged to participate in these channel. Observing the conversations, asking questions and learn more about preparedness and self-reliance. All chatters are expected to be polite and encouraged to be helpful and courteous in their responses.
  12. Asking for Operator Status is prohibited
    Asking for an increase in rank in the channel is an automatic way to ensure you don’t get it. Only the founder of the channel can assign channel ranks in the access list. No person shall be given any rank on the list who has not registered and maintained a registration to Nickserv. (Type: “/msg nickserv help” for more info)
  13. Mediators has final say
    Any person may request a mediator to resolve a conflict between two, or more parties, the mediator must be of higher rank then the parties involved. Ranks are as follows (in order):

    – Channel Founder
    – Channel Successor
    – Channel Operator
    – Channel Half-Operator Only Assigned ranks count for being accepted as a mediator, any current operator or half-operator can see this list by typing the command /msg chanserv access #preppers list”.Persons on this list are assigned a numeric level of rank, a higher number signifies a higher rank. A copy of this list can also be found here via the menu item “Moderators” Official Channel ownership can be discovered by anyone who types in the command /msg chanserv access #preppers list

    All parties must agree that the mediator’s decision is final. Failure to do so may result in a ban from the channel at a Mediators, Founder’s, or Successor’s discretion.