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How to Build a Survivalist Shelter

If you’re in a survival situation, then one of your immediate concerns is for a survival shelter. If you come across any natural structure that can provide you shelter, then you don’t need to build your own shelter. But if you don’t have a choice but to build your own shelter, then you need to […]

Sibling Miniseries #1: Naima and Leah [PODCAST]

RELATED: What We’ve Learned From Doing a Prepping Podcast for 5 Years [PODCAST] Sibling Miniseries #1: Naima and Leah The Brown sisters kick off our sibling interview miniseries with sisters Naima and Leah Penniman, radical farmers and writers who share reflections on their political journeys and family shaping. Up Next: Dual Survival and The Risks of […]

Crushed in an Erupting Volcano [PODCAST]

RELATED: Surviving Natural Disasters: Safe Points in the Household Crushed in an Erupting Volcano Heaving his massive backpack on, 22-year-old Kiwi William Pike was itching to get up the mountain. He and his mate James Christie – who he’d met at uni while studying to be a primary school teacher – were about to conquer Mt […]

14 Must Have’s for Car Emergency Kit

A car emergency kit can help ensure your safety and survival in case of a vehicle breakdown. Here’s a rundown of the necessities you must include to build a reliable car emergency kit. RELATED: Car Emergency Kit Essentials: How To Prep Your Car For A Disaster Car Emergency Kit List | Essential Items You Should […]

Prepping Concerns in 2021 and Beyond [PODCAST]

RELATED: How to Become a Prepper Prepping Concerns in 2021 and Beyond Remember the good old days of prepping when we thought about hypothetical disaster situations and didn’t have the same sense of urgency we have these days? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying NO sense of urgency, I’m saying we thought about these manmade […]

17 Items to Pack in an Emergency Bag

As every prepper knows, early preparation plays an integral role in any crisis survival strategy. Every well-equipped prepper needs an emergency bag that contains food, health, hygiene, and self-defense essentials. In this article: Essentials Hygiene and Health Logistics Daily Living Needs Miscellaneous RELATED: What Is An Emergency Kit? 17 Items Every Prepper Should Carry in […]

A Roadside Emergency Kit Gives You Peace of Mind

Why you need a car emergency kit during a road trip? A roadside emergency kit is essential for anyone who decides to plan a road trip. Whether it’s a spur-of-the-moment decision or a well-thought-out journey, a car emergency kit is a road trip essential. Mainly, if you’re traveling alone or with small children in dead […]